Exponential Practice Growth Programme



Module 1 

Introduction  and "The Beginning"



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Module 2 

Are You A Therapist Or A Marketer


Module 3 


Page 13

There Are Only Three Real Ways To Grow A Practice –

And Here They Are!      


Module 4 



Page 29

Why You Should Increase Your Fees – Now!!!

(And How To Work Out What You Are Worth!)


Module 5 



Page 43

What?! You’re Not Using A Money Back Guarantee


Module 6 

Page 61

Free or Fee Examinations and Screenings


Module 7 

Page 73

My 60-15-15-10 Rule:


Page 81

        Marketing To Current Patients                                  

Page 85

        Marketing To New Patients 

Page 91

        Marketing To Inactive Patients  

Page 95

        The 10% Emergency Fund


Module 8 

Page 103

How To Use The Telephone To Generate New Patients

And More Maintenance Appointments


Module 9 


Page 109


How To Get A Prospective Patient To Say YES!

Patient Questionnaires - Just How Well You Are Doing?  


Module 10 


 Page 119

Patient Referrals –

How To Educate Your Patients So They Give Them To You!


Module 11 


Page 129

How To Do Screenings, Public Talks And Demonstrations

So They Don’t Suck! 

Page 149


Module 12 

Running Health Classes And Orientations That

Actually Bring In Patients  


Module 13 



  Page 165

Re-activation Letters That Get Patients Flooding Back 


Module 14 

Page 171

Do You Want A Patient Grabbing Business Card?


Module 15 

Page 179  

The Underutilized Power Of Postcards


Module 16 

Page 191

Effective Patient Newsletters That Work


Module 17 

Page 205

Developing An Effective Clinic Brochure


Module 18 

Page 219

How To Get The Most From Your Website

And How To Get A Google Ranking Without One!


Module 19 


Page 225

Advertisements, Yellow Pages And Other Advertising


Module 20 

Page 247

The Secrets To Mastering The Yellow Pages

How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Ad By At Least 2-5 Times


Module 21 


Page 261

PR Marketing And Free Advertising


Module 22 

Page 271

Developing A Marketing Calendar

- So You Are Busy All Year Round!


Module 23 

Page 291

How To Get Far More Accomplished In A Lot Less Time


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In Conclusion…


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